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October Writing Challenge

I joined the Writetober 50-word fiction challenge on Instagram! This one is hosted by author Hannah Robinson (@hannahrobinsonauthor).

It’s been a lot of fun so far and such great practice for concise writing. Today I’ve hit a wall; the prompt “Cheer” has not clicked with the flow of some others for me. But I’ve plunged ahead and will post my effort tonight. Follow me @ondine.alegra to read along (feel free to snicker)!

The goal is not perfection, but to strengthen those story muscles and get something coherent (well, most days!) down on the page. Also just to cheer each other on. If you haven’t tried one of these challenges before, I recommend it! The Writetober community is friendly and supportive. Find us at #writetober2020.

Speaking of writing communities, I’ve found another wonderful Instagram group full of good vibes at #findmywritingcommunity. This one was launched by authors Adrienne Young (@adrienneyoungbooks) and Kristin Dwyer (@kristindwyer). If you’re looking for community as a writer, check it out!

Have you participated in any writing challenges? I’d love to hear about your favorites.

Fond October greetings,


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