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The Thrill of a Bite

I sent three queries out the week of July 5th. I found this process took a LOT of energy. Researched many, many agents. Spent a lot of time reading Query Shark and revising before sending. I highly recommend checking out Query Shark’s blog:

I then got busy working on several interconnected short stories. I went a bit wild and made a Venn diagram with ideas to interweave characters and plot points– fun! First time I’ve tried that kind of mapping.

And then! The thrill of a bite 😀

On July 28th I received a request for my manuscript! I ran through the house whooping, gave hugs (safely- to my household family!), and did an endless jig all day long. Of course, I sent my manuscript within an hour of receiving the request.

I the meantime I took an amazing, inspiring short story writing class with Hannah Tinti, founder of One Story magazine and award winning author:

On August 6th I received my first rejection. Deflating? Yes. But it’s all part of the process and I have plenty of company. At least the agent responded fairly soon, and she was kind enough to send a personalized email.

Patience and persistence! Onward.

I’d love to hear your tips, query roller coaster stories and successes!

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2 thoughts on “The Thrill of a Bite”

  1. This is weird, but… save your rejections? You don’t really see how nice the compliments are, until you get some distance, and sometimes… just sometimes… you find out later that the agent who rejected you really did quit agenting to teach underprivileged children. It helps you keep going.


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